Transport antennas manufactured by KATHREIN-Werke KG

The issue of ensuring stable radio communication in transport has always been and remains an urgent task for the design and operation of rolling stock. This is primarily due to the fact that vehicles are highly mobile, high-speed vehicles that perform strategic tasks of mass passenger and cargo transportation. As a result, they are subject to increased requirements regarding reliability and operational safety.
Taking into account this approach, numerous companies that design and produce radio equipment components for rolling stock, the main goal of creation is the production of high-tech equipment with the best tactical and technical characteristics, capable of functioning in conditions of increased influence of electromagnetic fields of electrical contact networks, high level of mechanical vibrations technical pollution.
Based on the advanced achievements in the field of radio communication, as well as the availability and use of modern technological materials, the German company KATHREIN-Werke KG has developed and successfully implements a number of special antennas and antenna-feeder equipment designed specifically for operation on transport.
The operating frequency range of this equipment is from 68 MHz to 2,7 GHz, that is, it covers both radio frequency channels of technological radio communication and channels of mobile operators (800, 1800-1900, 2000 MHz).
Taking into account the harsh environment, the housings of transport antennas are made of modern radio-transparent composite materials, externally covered with a coating highly resistant to mechanical impact and dirt adhesion, have an aerodynamic streamlined shape, highly aesthetic ergonomic design.

Antennas of complex design, which have been widely used in transport until now, are being replaced by miniaturized antennas that have better radio-technical and mechanical characteristics. Such antennas are resistant to mechanical damage, icing, and pollution. They have significantly reduced weight and dimensions, while maintaining their high radio technical characteristics.

Ukraine already has experience in using this type of KATHREIN antennas. A certain type of antennas work successfully, providing reliable radio communication of rolling stock of the mining and processing plants of the city of Kryvyi Rih. These are the so-called technological "turntables" — locomotives with 8-10 cargo platforms.
As you know, the operating conditions of the equipment in this industry are considered difficult - ore dust, falling rubble during loading and unloading operations. Also, one of the main factors that influenced the transition from loop antennas that were used earlier to KATHREIN transport antennas was that the branches of trees growing near the railway track constantly deformed and even destroyed the antennas. With the use of Kathrein transport antennas, the situation improved significantly.

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