Repeaters of mobile communications

Band repeater GSM 1800 – DB3S27P

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Band repeater GSM 1800 – DB4S27P

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Band repeater GSM 1800 with changing bands.

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GSM 900 broadband repeater - GB1S27P

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Expansion of cellular coverage.

GSM 900 broadband repeater - GB1S27P

If you feel inconvenienced by the poor quality of cellular communication or its absence inside the premises where you live or work, you may be able to solve this problem by using such equipment as a repeater of the radio frequency coverage of the networks of cellular operators.

A repeater is a specialized amplifier of radio signals that amplifies the level of the input signal from the base station and the level of the output signal from the mobile phone in the direction of the base station of the network. The radio system based on the repeater consists of the actual repeater unit, the donor (in the direction of the base station) antenna and one or more service (subscriber) antennas, and a set of radio frequency cables, connectors, splitters of the RF path, connectors, mounting and weather protection elements, etc. . The number of service antennas is determined by the size and change of the required coverage space - by the number and volume of isolated rooms, their layout and construction material.

Repeaters are divided according to mobile communication standards (GSM, DCS, UMTS, CDMA, etc.), functionality (broadband, band or channel), output power, type of communication with service antennas or units (RF path or optical fiber).

As a rule, repeater systems based on broadband or band repeaters with a small number of channels using connections with antennas using radio frequency cables are most suitable for individual subscribers.

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