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To solve the tasks of radio control and radio monitoring, we offer both separate ideas - receivers, direction finders, signal analyzers and antennas, as well as complex software and hardware technical solutions for stationary, mobile and portable applications. In this area, we widely use the products of Rode and Schwartz, a world leader in the production of equipment and systems for the detection, direction finding and analysis of radio signals. The basis of the success of its scanning receivers, automatic direction finders, signal analysis complexes and unique antennas is the use of the latest technologies and many years of experience in this field. We can offer you the following products from this industry:

Radio control and radio monitoring equipment supplied by us is widely used by state regulatory bodies. radio communication and internal and external security services.

If the equipment you are interested in is not presented on the website, call us by phone 0 800 448 884 and we will provide detailed consultation on the technology of interest to you. We will help you to choose the equipment for radio monitoring and radio control that will solve the tasks before you. Our capabilities are much wider than those presented on the website.