Radiant feeder produced by DRAKA NK Cables Ltd for Kharkiv metro

10 km. radiating feeder 7/8″ are designed to work in the technological radio communication system of the metro.

The feeder has the following fading parameters:

at 75 MHz – 1,2 dB/100 m.

at 150 MHz – 1,6 dB/100 m.

at 450 MHz – 3,0 dB/100 m.

at 900 MHz – 4,5 dB/100 m.

at 1.8 GHz – 6,9 dB/100 m.

at 2,1 GHz – 7,9 dB/100 m.

at 2,4 GHz – 8,6 dB/100 m.

The radiating feeder is a coaxial antenna radiating a radio signal into space along its entire length. It is used to provide radio coverage in tunnels, an extensive network of corridors, underground communications, isolated rooms, metal hangars, etc.

Such a feeder, supplied by our company, already works in the digital trunking radio communication system of the TETRA standard, installed at the "Donbas Arena" stadium complex, to ensure radio coverage inside the technological premises of the complex.