FSL analyzes WiMAX

The analyzer measures the OFDM modulated signal in accordance with IEEE 802.16-2004.

As a result of measurements, you receive the following data:

  • Measurement of EVM
    – EVM all carriers
    - EVM data carriers only
    – EVM pilot carriers
  • Constellation IQ (Scalar Results) – Shift IQ
    – Gain imbalance
    – Quadrature shift
  • Power measurement
    - Power burst
    – Crest factor
  • Symbol clock error (scalar result)
  • CINR
  • rssi The following is displayed graphically:
  • Measurement of EVM
    – EVM vs symbol
    – EVM vs carrier
  • Frequency vs preamble error
  • Phase error vs preamble
  • The uniformity of the spectrum
    is the power difference of the adjacent carrier
  • group delay
  • Constellation diagram (color-coded according to modulation
  • Bitstream (color coded according to modulation)
  • Spectrum emission mask (IEEE, ETSI)
  • Adjacent channel power (absolute and relative) with noise correction
  • CCDF measurement



Also possible:

  • Package Summary List (EVM and Power of All Burst List)
  • Seamless capture
  • Automatic demodulation
  • Remote Control via GPIB or LAN
  • Export and import of IQ data, recalculation of data


A complete user manual, with a description of WiMAX analysis capabilities, is available HERE

You can familiarize yourself with the FSL spectrum analyzer HERE