Antennas manufactured by KATHREIN-Werke KG for vehicles and portable radios.

At present, the rapid development of modern means of radio engineering and electronics, effectively using its mobility and comfort, the car is increasingly acquiring the quality of a mobile office. For the driver, mobile communications, which are often popular in our time, are combined with digital trunked radio communications, for example, the TETRA standard, GPS navigation and conventional, conventional radio communications. Given the high mobility of vehicles, as well as the variety of radio communications used in them, the German company KATHREIN-Werke KG distinguishes a special class of antennas for vehicles and portable radio communications.

A feature of this type of equipment is that:

1. Antennas are designed for operation in conditions of severe influence of the surrounding man-made environment and weather conditions.

2. Car antennas are versatile in design, combining both several different frequency ranges and various communication systems.

3. Taking into account that the impact of making mounting changes in the vehicle structure should be minimal, many antennas are made on the basis of their attachment to the metal body of the vehicle by means of a magnet.

The protective features of the design and the high quality of the materials used can significantly increase the service life of the antennas.

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