Announcing the 6 GHz SWR bridge for the R&S FSH portable spectrum analyzer

CSR of R&S bridges FSH-Z3 now allows spectrum analysis and transmission loss measurement without removing the bridge. The bridge has data on its own losses, which are taken into account in the spectrum analysis. The new bridge has a built-in power supply via a BNC connector, a maximum current of 300 mA, a maximum voltage of 50 V. Recommended use for powering TMA (mast amplifiers). Check out the specification (by clicking on this link).

Among the most notable innovations can be noted: the ability to save up to 256 measurement results; use zoom modes to view fragments of the Smith chart; improved resolution of SWR measurement and reflected power measurement, now you can have 0.1 dB/division; defined TETRA standard for FSH-Z44/-Z14 directional power meters and much more. Check out the full list of new features (by clicking this link).

If you own an FSH (3 GHz or 6 GHz model) we recommend updating the software.