A small introduction

Celtec is one of the largest suppliers of antenna-feeder equipment, measuring equipment, radio monitoring equipment and related products. The equipment supplied by us is a necessary component for the stable and error-free operation of mobile networks and other types of radio communications.

In this section you can get acquainted with the history of the Celtec company, as well as present to your attention our list of customers.

history of the company

Selteq has been operating since 1999. At the same time, the direction of supplying antenna equipment to the well-known German company “Kathrein” was developing. Celtec has become the only official trading partner of Kathrein on the Ukrainian market. High quality, excellent service and excellent cooperation conditions have enabled Ukrainian mobile operators to work with the highest standards in the field of antenna technology.

In the future, the company firmly established itself as a supplier of high-quality cable equipment for radio communication networks and television and radio broadcasting. Celtec is a trading partner of the Finnish company Draka NK Cables Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cable products.

RF connectors, adapters and related products are presented by the German company "Telegörtner", the world leader in the production of these products. The company's products are distinguished by high quality workmanship, stable performance and, as a result, mass demand. The know-how of the company's developments, the policy of following the requirements of high quality products allow for the process of continuous improvement of manufactured products.

Fasteners for cable routes, manufactured by the Italian company FI.MO.TEC. ShA" ("FIMO"), have long established themselves as high-quality products and have found a significant number of consumers both around the world and in Ukraine.

Measuring equipment manufactured by the German company "Rohde & Schwarz", instruments and accessories for them do not require special recommendations, as they are known throughout the world as one of the most accurate, reliable and easy to operate.

Transitional RF cables (jumpers) are presented by the English company Quadrant Connections Limited and have been successfully used by Ukrainian mobile operators and contractors for the construction of mobile communication sites for a long time.

Our customers

Our customers are:

Mobile operators
Construction and installation organizations of communication facilities
Manufacturers of electronic equipment
TV and radio broadcasters