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RG-316/U Teflon coaxial cable, silver-plated, drum 500 m

69,00 UAH.(price per meter)

SMA pin connector G10 (SSF-141)

209,00 UAH.

Coaxial fixed attenuator 3 dB

Upon request
Own production of BNC patch panels of various capacities was opened.
An updated catalog of coaxial connectors, RF adapters, lightning arresters and other cable accessories from the German manufacturer Telegartner is available for download on our website.
Kathrein Product Certification
We have carried out a practical comparison of external directional antennas for WiMAX router FreshTel.
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The Celtek company has a wide range of products and systems that are supplied for specific tasks of customers. Our partners include such leading companies as Kathrein, Fimo, Telegartner, Draka, Feutron, etc. The supplied products belong to the following basic areas: mobile communication, measurement and testing, television and radio broadcasting.

If the equipment you are interested in is not presented on the website, call us and we will provide detailed advice on the equipment you are interested in. We will help you choose the equipment that will effectively solve the tasks before you. Our experience and capabilities are much wider than those presented on the website.

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